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PIN Manager Register now & load onto your mobile phone
Securely store private info entries on the mobile phone

The PIN Manager is a free "mobile safe" for the mobile phone, by means of which confidential information and data can be stored in the mobile phone - password-protected and encoded - such as for example your personal log-on data to the e-mail account, the Messenger or to the online shop.
Shopping Lists Manager Register now & load onto your mobile phone
Never forget your shopping lists on your kitchen counter again - simply have them with you on your mobile anytime

The Shopping Lists Manager conveniently and clearly organizes any number of shopping lists. On the mobile and at the website, shopping lists can be set up, edited, saved and used again. You can tick off items you've already bought. Afterwards you can hide these already received or purchased items. This immediately creates more clarity in your list. If your shopping list is particularly long, the search feature will help you find a specific item.
Address Manager Register now & load onto your mobile phone
Mobile address management, simple and secure

Imagine you lose your mobile phone or it is stolen. All of your contacts would be gone! With the Address Manager this will not happen to you. In your account you can comfortably update your contacts and synchronize them with the mobile phone. As a result you can easily and safely restore your contacts - all over the world via the Internet.
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